Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 2!

We were able to stop by Ozark Christian College for Reed to show us around and also meet up with a few of his friends. We stopped and ate dinner with the Kleemans and saw Kairou's grave. It was so great to see part of Reed's upbringing that he has talked about so much. We also pasted by a few weird things on the road. We saw two huge crosses on the roadway and a McDonald's that went over the highway.


kharv said...

Good to see your pictures. It has been fun to hear Dad's account of the drive, too. Miss you.

Sasha said...

was that big cross (pictured) in Oklahoma? I believe it's the one that we stopped at on our last trip home (to OK) from Albuquerque ... cause I knew we were soon to move and wouldn't have the opportunity again - it's the largest cross in the western hemisphere!

Phil said...

Looking forward to your coming closer to us - you might note there is a cross here in Cookeville that may not be as large as the one you saw, but is still pretty impressive.