Monday, August 25, 2008

Days flying by

This last week seemed to just fly by! Reed and I had a home inspection done on the house we are looking to buy, last Wednesday. Things went really well, and luckily there is not much that needs fixed up. We feel pretty fortunate to have found this house!
I also had a job interview last Thursday. I came away from the interview a little confused and discouraged. It wasn't so much that I didn't do well in the interview, as much as that I wasn't sure it it was where I am suppose to be. And the more time I thought about it, the less I wanted the position. I am just not sure that I want to commit to so many hours right now. So. . . needless to say, I am going to start looking for something part time. Now, I know that it is hard to work in children services just part time, so I am looking a little outside of my field. I spent some of Friday looking into substitute teaching and may pursue that path. I love teaching and I could have a more flexible schedule and be available for whatever comes up. I'll keep you posted on how things turn out.
Reed and I hung out with some of our friends from AZ on Thursday night. Our friends Ethel and Jim came to visit us! We went to the Spaghetti Warehouse (excellent restaurant) and then just hung out at our condo afterward. It was so nice to catch up and be around familiar faces!
We had a great weekend too! Reed and I went on a bike ride on Saturday evening at one of the nearby parks. Columbus is full of great parks!
And Sunday was Kardia's first birthday! We went over to the Kleeman's for pizza, presents and cake. Kardia was very cute eating her chocolate cake! Of course, most of it ended up on her body instead of in her mouth!
And so we start another week! Hopefully we can start to get into some routines and start to settle down!


Sasha said...

well, I pray everything ends up great for you and a job! sounds like you're enjoying Ohio - that's awesome!

Our growing family said...

so glad to hear that things are coming along so well with the house!
my best friend does subbing and loves the flexability-I hope something works out for you!

Anonymous said...

I had been wonderin' about your job interview and all that, well hope you feel just in the right place if you do find the substituting job! Great to hear from you and how you both are doing! luv ya

Brandy said...

Yay for Arizona visitors! Glad everything is moving along on the house front.