Saturday, August 9, 2008

We're buying a house!

Yesterday we decided to put an offer on a house and today we accepted a counter offer to buy it! So. . . if all goes well, we'll be in our new place pretty soon! Of course things are not final yet, but hopefully thing will go smoothly with inspections and all the details. We really like this house and it has a lot of potential for us to grow into it. It's a four level split house with three bedrooms and 1 and 1/2 baths, with a full basement and big backyard! It also has a nice fireplace and kitchen! I am already thinking of different things to do with it! I'll send pictures as things get more finalized. Our goal would be to move in during the first part of October. God is so good and has already blessed us in so many ways here in Ohio!
After accepting the offer, Reed and I headed out to downtown Worthington and then over to Easton Town Center. We just did some walking around and enjoyed some ice cream from Graeters! We love Graeters! It is one of our new favorites! Today I had a scoop of the Buckeye Blitz, which is a chocolate ice cream with buckeyes (fudge with peanut butter in the middle) and chocolate chips. It's soooo yummy!
Downtown Worthington is such a beautiful little town with flowers and ivy everywhere, with brick buildings. And Easton is an outdoor mall which reminded Reed and I of something that would be in California. It is the "trendy" mall of the area.
Afterwards we came home and have just been relaxing. We'll probably head over to Rachel and Darin's later to see the family.
All in all, it has been a pretty great day!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Awesome news!! I bet you guys are pretty excited about the new house! It looks cute the pics you took of around town! I haven't been able to read other blogs lately for some reason it wouldn't let me, but glad its workin' again, its fun to see all the pics and what you have been up to lately! luv ya

kharv said...

Hooray for Audrey and Reed. A first house if very special! We are very happy for you!

Sasha said...

LOVE that last pic! congrats on the house news - that's so great - God is so good!