Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Closed on Our House!

Today we closed on our house! I was amazed at how smooth the whole process was for us! Even the paperwork was easy! We feel so blessed and can't wait to move in. We take possession on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. We will probably start to move things over throughout next week. Reed's parents are coming next weekend and can help with some of the move if we need them, although I am hoping to already be moved most of the way. The following weekend, my parents are coming too! It will be great to share our new home with everyone!
Here is a picture of the outside. It needs painting, but we will probably wait until the spring. I have already started my "hunny-do " list for Reed. He will be a very busy man for awhile! I will post more pictures later, when we get our stuff inside!


Brandy said...

Oh that house makes me miss the Midwest! That is a typical "Midwestern" looking home.
It looks like a big house! Congrats on closing! :)

Julie said...

I love it. It reminds me so much of Illinois. I am so happy for you guys. Can't wait to see the inside.

Love and miss you lots!

kharv said...

We are so happy for you! Hooray!!!
Can't wait to see it and stay with you.

Sasha said...

wow - what an exciting time for you both! congrats - God is so good!

Emily said...

YAY! Miss you soooooooooo much!

Anonymous said...
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