Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Packing and Getting the House!

Well, we finally have possession of our new home. We are not in it yet, but are getting there! Hopefully we will have everything moved over by Thursday evening!
On Sunday evening, Reed and I headed over to our new home and ate pizza on the floor and drank Cream Soda in our empty house. We decided to do a few small projects (mainly Reed) while we were there.
Yesterday I spent about 13 hours moving things over. Needless to say, I am very tired today! After work, Reed and our exec. pastor and his wife came over and helped us hall more things over. It was so great to have their help and show them around our new place.
After I am done babysitting today, I will go over and do some of the deep cleaning. It is pretty dusty, plus I want to make sure it is clean the way I clean. :) That way, if we are living in dirt, I know it is from Reed and I and not someone else. :)
We plan to move the very last of our stuff on Thursday.
It has been so much fun getting in there and talking about what we want to fix up and what we could do now that we have a place of our own. Although we will be busy with house projects for about the next year, we are thrilled to have this house! Here are some pictures of packing and the empty house! It needs lots of repainting! You can tell by the lovely wall paper in some of the rooms! Reed's favorite is the room with the loud pink and blue!

Packing the Condo!

Living room, dining area

Looking into the kitchen from the dining room

Eating Pizza and Drinking our favorite IBC Cream Sodas!

Master bedroom

Fish bedroom

Reed taking down shelves in pink and blue bedroom. They left a lot of wall decorations, along with all of the window treatments. Although most of them are not our taste, at least we have stuff until we can replace them!

Kitchen. It has two "Lazy Susan" cabinets, which I am really excited about!

I know, it is sideways. This is an extra area down stairs where we will probably have an office. The door goes down into the basement.

Down stairs, where you can either go outside, to the garage, basement or extra bathroom.

Main Bathroom

Side yard, going into backyard

Part of backyard. The swing set is no longer there.

Other part of backyard with our shed


Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks so big and spacious! I love the hard wood floors, and yeah could see why you might want to paint the bright pink room :). You guys really do have a great house, can't wait to see more pics!

Emily said...

I call the pink and blue room for the guest room! You should keep it that way! I can send more decorations!

Sasha said...

what a wonderful home! how fun it must be to have your own house!

kharv said...

Can't wait to see it in one week! Have fun showing it to Reed's parents this weekend.

Brandy said...

It looks beautiful.
I LOVE the wood floors!