Thursday, October 16, 2008

We love our new home!

Last Thursday night we were finally able to spend the night in our new home! Here is the last load we made, with the help of a few church friends. We saved the big items for last, when we had a truck available.

Since then, we have been unpacking, unpacking, and unpacking! I am about done with the kitchen, finally! The kitchen has been my biggest hurdle just because all of the cabinets needed washed and lined. The house was pretty dusty, so we have also spent lots of time just doing normal cleaning. Rachel came over on Monday with Kaireia and helped! It was so great to have them!
Reed's parents also came up this past weekend and helped with some major projects. Phil and Reed took down the old garage door opener and put up a new one, while Cindy and I ran to the store a few times getting all the supplies they needed.

The guys also hooked up our internet. This is the first time we have had our own internet since we have been married! We are very excited about this. No more having to go the library, or friend's house, or steal from the neighbor's. We now have our very own!
Cindy and Phil also put up a new fan that they gave us in the master bedroom. It is SO much nicer than the one we had. Thank you Phil and Cindy!
On Saturday, we were able to take a break from working and celebrate Kaireia's birthday. She turned 5 this week. We had a princess party for her at the church. The whole room was filled with lots of princess things and PINK! The little girls all dressed up as princesses and the little boys dressed up as little princes! They were all very cute!

At the end of the party, each kid drew a picture for little Kairou and all the adults wrote little messages. We then tied them onto balloons and launched them into the sky together. It was just a great reminded of how much we love Kairou and miss him dearly! Although I haven't met him yet, I am sure he is a charming little prince full of energy and excitement for life, like his little twin sister.


Anonymous said...

That party was so sweet.
So happy you are gettting all set in your new home, have fun with your mom and dad visiting you!

Brandy said...

Wow, you guys have your own internet???? Tell your hubby I said it was about time!
Love the princess party.
What a special thing to do for Kairou. I know the anniversary is coming up on Monday.
Glad you guys are getting all settled in. Yay for parents!

Sasha said...

so, she's a twin? :( I obviously don't know them or the situation - but I feel compelled to say a prayer, and will!
the house looks and sounds great - must be so exciting! looks like a fun party for the little girl! God bless