Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 8th!

Yesterday, Reed took me out to celebrate the anniversary of his marriage proposal. Two years ago he asked me to marry him! I can still remember how excited I was to step out on this new adventure. Saying Yes, was one of the best things I have ever done! Reed is such a wonderful husband and man of God that continues to amaze me everyday!

Last night Reed took me out to the Columbus Fish Market. This restaurant has the best seafood in town! The fish was so fresh and tasted SO good. I had a blackened Mahi Mahi, Shanghi style on a bed of sticky rice and spinach and Reed had the Shanghi Tilapia. It was probably the best Mahi Mahi I have ever had!

Afterward we headed to Sonic for some cheesecake bites! We LOVE their cheesecake bites! We had cheesecake bites for the first time on the night he proposed, and have had them every year since. Each year they change a little. This year they have a coating of chocolate and a caramel dipping sauce. Yum yum!

It was a great evening!


Our growing family said...

FUN! You've got to love traditions...especially when they involve great food! =)

Brandy said...

I remember that day. He came over to bring the flowers for me and Emily. He was so nervous! I remember standing outside with him trying to calm him down. :)

Ethel said...

Aww! you guys look so cute in those pictures. You are a great couple! congrats =)

kharv said...

Good for you to celebrate! Hooray!!
So glad you have each other!

Sasha said...

that's a fun anniversary to celebrate! I love sonic, gonna have to deal with not having one again when we move! God bless & happy anniversary!

grandmapoochie said...

I commented the other day, and it didn't go thru. So I'll try again.
Grandpa and I have always celebrated our first date...Aug.7 This year it was 60 years. We went to Red Lobster. Pic is on my facebook.