Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Amazingly, my wife let me blog on here AGAIN!! Yes, quite a shock. Anyway, I have some pictures (some promised, and others just bonus). Check them out! (I will explain them).

Here we go:

This picture is me scraping snow off our driveway. We had snow all day today (and it's still coming down). I did this a couple hours ago, and now you can barely tell.

These are a couple other pictures of our snowy yard and house. It has even gotten deeper in the last couple hours.

The next four photos are of my hats that I told you all about. If you want, you can comment and tell me which is your favorite.

The Fedora (a classic, but with the smaller-brimmed modern look).

The baseball cap. Probably destined to be the most-worn of all my hats. First fitted ball cap I've ever had.

Beanie #1

Beanie #2 I got two because they were on sale.

The picture below is actually I one I have been wanting to post for a while, but since I haven't blogged much I haven't. It is of a creche that my Grandma Adams gave to me a few years ago. I had been so excited to pull it out because I had never really seen it before this year. I had moved so much and didn't want it to get damaged, so I left it at my parent's packed away. Now that Audrey and I are settled I picked it up at Thanksgiving. I knew it was going to be a nice one because my Grandma had given it to me, but until I unwrapped it I didn't realize how nice and how beautiful it was!! It is hard to see in the pictures, but it is quite stunning. Thank you so much, Grandma!!

Well, that's all for now. If you don't hear from us for a while, send us a snow-blower and some hot chocolate!! Bye!


Brandy said...

Dude, you look like a pimp in the first hat! :)
Some parts of me really, really miss snow. But then I see you shoveling and I am instantly flashed back to when I was growing up in Indiana when I had to shove the drive every morning. And I realize it's pretty to look at, but I don't want to have to shovel it.
Hot chocolate coming up! :D

kharv said...

I like the hats, but I think that our head is just fine the way it is and the way it will be : )
Stay warm and thanks for the pictures.
Love you both!

Our growing family said...

great post! it made me laugh! I like the b-ball hat!
say hi to audrey from us!

grandmapoochie said...

I think the baseball cap is the most fitting for you, BUT, not all the time. It gripes me when guys never remove their caps! But, then, I am old-fashioned. You better guard that beautiful nativity set. Your Mother-in-law collects them, you know! LOL.(I first put HaHa, and realized that is from my old-fashioned era, and I better get up to date)I enjoy your blogs, and am glad Aud "LET'S" you do it.