Friday, March 27, 2009

New Stuff

Hello everyone! I snuck on here while Audrey was out of the room so I could be the one to tell you all about how God has been blessing us lately. Three weeks ago we were looking over our finances and decided that we were at a place with our savings that we had been waiting for. We were ready to start saving for a couple new pieces of furniture! We had been wanting a new bed frame that wasn't a cheap metal one with a broken wheel, and we'd been wanting a couch that was a) long enough to lay down on and hold more than two people when we have company and b) was a little newer than a hand-me-down from a hand-me-down (although we have actually loved having it).
Well, three weeks ago we started doing our taxes and after a little difficulty (don't ask) we found out that we were getting back some more money than we had been expecting! So much, actually, that we were able to go out LAST weekend and buy both pieces of furniture. So, today our new bed frame was delivered, and our new couch should be here in about 5-6 weeks (it was special order)! We are quite excited about having them. They are definitely things that we have been fine without and could stay that same way for a while, but it is really neat to have them. I attached a couple pictures below for you to see. One of the room in waiting, and then a few other misc. photos. Check them out!

Well, there you go! We'll make sure to put up some couch pictures when we get them, too. Oh yeah, we are in the process of getting an alarm system right now, too. The hardwiring and devices are all installed; we just need a little more work on the connection to the company.

Hope you all are doing great! Over and out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hanging out with Claire!

Last week I was in Arizona visiting family and friends. Each day I got to hang out with little Claire! She is getting SO big!

This is at the park after dropping Grandma off at the airport. We were sad and needed something to take our minds off things.

We spent several days visiting with old friends, so Claire got to get all dressed up for each outing.

She wasn't sure about the whole ponytail thing. I loved them!

We spent lots of time on the slide together!

Claire likes things clean, just like her auntie. She used a towel to go down the slide. . .

. . . to wash the slide. . .

. . . and to clean off her shoes after walking in the gravel! She makes Auntie Audrey and Uncle Reed very proud! Her parents, on the other hand, are not to happy that I have taught her such great tricks!

I had such a great trip! It was so good to see friends from Central, along with my Mom and Em and Travis! I miss them all very much!