Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hanging out with Claire!

Last week I was in Arizona visiting family and friends. Each day I got to hang out with little Claire! She is getting SO big!

This is at the park after dropping Grandma off at the airport. We were sad and needed something to take our minds off things.

We spent several days visiting with old friends, so Claire got to get all dressed up for each outing.

She wasn't sure about the whole ponytail thing. I loved them!

We spent lots of time on the slide together!

Claire likes things clean, just like her auntie. She used a towel to go down the slide. . .

. . . to wash the slide. . .

. . . and to clean off her shoes after walking in the gravel! She makes Auntie Audrey and Uncle Reed very proud! Her parents, on the other hand, are not to happy that I have taught her such great tricks!

I had such a great trip! It was so good to see friends from Central, along with my Mom and Em and Travis! I miss them all very much!


The Vehons said...

Loved hanging out with you and Claire! You should dress her more often. I think the lemonade stand outfit and pigtails was adorable! :)

kharv said...

Cute, cute, cute, both of you!
Claire is looking so grown up.
So nice to get to have some time.
I love you!

Emily said...

We miss you guys too!
Love you!

Sasha said...

how fun - and so cute about her and the towel, lol!

Brandy said...

I love the pics of her in her dresses. And gotta love a girl that is hip on cleaning. :)

grandmapoochie said...

I loved getting to "share" your visit this way. Thanks. We love you SOOO much. You and Claire are too cute together!