Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Stuff

Hey, we're doing well here. It has been pretty hot outside, but rainy enough to keep the grass growing like lightning. So, this weekend has been project time. Yesterday I mowed the front yard, Audrey did some other outdoor work (with frequent indoor breaks to keep the baby from overheating), and together we washed and waxed her car. We washed mine yesterday, too, but we didn't have time to wax it so I took care of that today while she was at work. I feel like such an adult now...which is a good thing. I have a tremendously blessed life, no doubt.
So, onto the good stuff. My parents just sold their house in San Antonio (after over a year...praise God it's sold!) and to celebrate, they decided to be generous (like usual) and gave us a little of the money (claimed they borrowed money from me when I was 3 and needed to pay it back with a little interest...whatever). We decided to use that money on a couple things we have been wanting for a while. One was a video camera, which is going to be especially great when the baby is here. You know, to capture the first tear, first smile, first cough, first sigh, first poop, first word, first yawn, first giggle, first step, first birthday, first...well, you get the picture. Everything in this child's life will be on film...maybe we'll just name it Truman and make a show based on the movie about a show. Anyway, we used the camera to show what our other purchase was, so watch and check it out. (Since this is our first camera, this is my first posting of video online. Sorry if it doesn't work. And, yes I know the editing job is terrible...I had to make it smaller to be able to post it, and I'm still figuring out the software). Check out the post below for part II.

New Stuff Part II

It is finished!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Feeling Pregnant!

Reed and I have had a pretty busy week. I am very glad that it is over! I worked more hours than usual at Macy's to get ready for a big "visit" we had from some important people, which included some pretty early hours. And on top of that, I have been pretty queasy most mornings and evenings this week. I am looking forward to next week, when I will have some more time at home! Plus, the in-laws are coming to visit!
Here are a couple of pictures from today. I don't look much different from last week, but totally feel more pregnant!
10 weeks, 5 days!- My sickest day yet!
10 weeks, 5 days!

PS- I just have to say that I have such an AMAZING husband! He is so good to me! I have had a pretty rough day with morning sickness and he has been by my side all day. When I went to go lay down, he laid down next to me to be a comfort. When I needed him to rush to the store to get some saltines and ginger ale, he gladly did so and was back in like five minutes! When I was hugging the toilet, he held my hair back and got me a cool wash cloth and cleaned up my mess! I know, kinda disgusting, but I just had to say what a GREAT man I have. He is so giving! He's going to make a great daddy! He takes care of me, even at my most ugliest moments!

Monday, June 8, 2009

10 Weeks!

I can't begin to tell you how happy we are to being having this little one! The love I already have for this child inside of me amazes me. God has been so faithful to us in this journey. Although I could talk all day about the inside transformation that has been taking place in both of our lives since we found out "the news", I thought I would share a bit of the outside transformation that is taking place. I was just beginning to feel in pretty good shape when we found out I was pregnant. Since then, my body has slowly started to change form, thanks to the lack of rest, too much food and not enough exercise, I have experienced. Of course little baby Adams is growing strong and is very healthy! My doctor didn't seem to be too worried about the extra 5-7 lbs I have gained. In fact, she told me that I have the "heart of a runner!" And of course that is now my excuse for not needing to get on the treadmill.
In all reality, I can definitely tell the difference in my body and can't wait till I am actually really "showing". Then the whole world will know my joy without me even saying a word!
Here are a few of the pictures we have taken over the last few weeks. I have included some pictures of Reed too! We don't want him to feel left out, although, my hope is that his body won't change too much of the course of this pregnancy! My goal is to get pictures every week so we can see the slow transformation. We'll see how that goes!
4 weeks, 5 days- the day we found out!
5 weeks, 5 days!
7 weeks, 2 days- Day of our first ultrasound and day we got to see little baby Adams for the first time!
8 weeks, 5 days!
9 weeks, 6 days!- Day after we heard baby Adams' heart beat by Doppler for the first time!
4 weeks, 5 days!
5 weeks, 5 days!
7 weeks, 2 days
8 weeks, 5 days!
9 weeks, 6 days!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So...Nothing much happening with us

Well, I have a feeling that since we told both of our parents about it, you probably know that we are going to have a baby! Audrey is 9 weeks pregnant, and is due Jan. 4th. We went in today and got an ultrasound and met with our doctor for the first time. She is a very nice lady. Aud has been feeling a little queasy on and off, but truly not too bad. She is exhausted all the time, but is doing well. We also heard the heartbeat today, which is a good sign. We aren't going to talk names right now until we know if it's a boy or girl (which we will find out) so don't even ask. I am calling the kid Timmy at present just because it's a great generic name (sorry all the Tims out apologies). There really isn't much to report right now, so please keep us and Baby Adams in your prayers. Thanks!

We aren't sure if the thing sticking off him is a foot or his tail, but he definitely looks like me, doesn't he? I mean, the round, bald head is a chip off the old block. And that floating thing, I'm pretty sure, is a donut (Krispy Kreme I'm sure...nothing but the best for my kid).