Saturday, June 13, 2009

Feeling Pregnant!

Reed and I have had a pretty busy week. I am very glad that it is over! I worked more hours than usual at Macy's to get ready for a big "visit" we had from some important people, which included some pretty early hours. And on top of that, I have been pretty queasy most mornings and evenings this week. I am looking forward to next week, when I will have some more time at home! Plus, the in-laws are coming to visit!
Here are a couple of pictures from today. I don't look much different from last week, but totally feel more pregnant!
10 weeks, 5 days!- My sickest day yet!
10 weeks, 5 days!

PS- I just have to say that I have such an AMAZING husband! He is so good to me! I have had a pretty rough day with morning sickness and he has been by my side all day. When I went to go lay down, he laid down next to me to be a comfort. When I needed him to rush to the store to get some saltines and ginger ale, he gladly did so and was back in like five minutes! When I was hugging the toilet, he held my hair back and got me a cool wash cloth and cleaned up my mess! I know, kinda disgusting, but I just had to say what a GREAT man I have. He is so giving! He's going to make a great daddy! He takes care of me, even at my most ugliest moments!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Audrey- I am sorry about the morning/all day sickness :( That is awesome you have Reed there to take care of you, so sweet.
Luv ya hope this nausea part gets over real soon for you- and have a great week off!

KimmerzCook said...

Hey Audrey,
That sounds just like Corey. He has been so great. We are blessed to have such great guys to take care of us during these months!! We get to see baby for the first time Tuesday!!

Sasha said...

isn't it a blessing to have a helpful and caring hubby! hope you get to feeling better pretty soon, for most women it does pass!

The Vehons said...

Looking great girl! Only a few more weeks and you'll be out of the first trimester. I know it seems like the sickness will never end but, for most everyone it ends by 16 weeks. Start the countdown! :) Love you guys and hope your morning sickness eases up soon! Good job Reed for taking care of your honey and honey bee (little Adams).

kharv said...

So sorry you are sick, but so happy you are feeling pregnant! And thanks for taking such good care of my girl, Reed. So glad that you have each other and that you have such a special and loving relationship. Love you and miss you so much!