Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Stuff

Hey, we're doing well here. It has been pretty hot outside, but rainy enough to keep the grass growing like lightning. So, this weekend has been project time. Yesterday I mowed the front yard, Audrey did some other outdoor work (with frequent indoor breaks to keep the baby from overheating), and together we washed and waxed her car. We washed mine yesterday, too, but we didn't have time to wax it so I took care of that today while she was at work. I feel like such an adult now...which is a good thing. I have a tremendously blessed life, no doubt.
So, onto the good stuff. My parents just sold their house in San Antonio (after over a year...praise God it's sold!) and to celebrate, they decided to be generous (like usual) and gave us a little of the money (claimed they borrowed money from me when I was 3 and needed to pay it back with a little interest...whatever). We decided to use that money on a couple things we have been wanting for a while. One was a video camera, which is going to be especially great when the baby is here. You know, to capture the first tear, first smile, first cough, first sigh, first poop, first word, first yawn, first giggle, first step, first birthday, first...well, you get the picture. Everything in this child's life will be on film...maybe we'll just name it Truman and make a show based on the movie about a show. Anyway, we used the camera to show what our other purchase was, so watch and check it out. (Since this is our first camera, this is my first posting of video online. Sorry if it doesn't work. And, yes I know the editing job is terrible...I had to make it smaller to be able to post it, and I'm still figuring out the software). Check out the post below for part II.

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Phil said...

Great video - looking forward to seeing baby Adams in them in the future.