Thursday, June 4, 2009

So...Nothing much happening with us

Well, I have a feeling that since we told both of our parents about it, you probably know that we are going to have a baby! Audrey is 9 weeks pregnant, and is due Jan. 4th. We went in today and got an ultrasound and met with our doctor for the first time. She is a very nice lady. Aud has been feeling a little queasy on and off, but truly not too bad. She is exhausted all the time, but is doing well. We also heard the heartbeat today, which is a good sign. We aren't going to talk names right now until we know if it's a boy or girl (which we will find out) so don't even ask. I am calling the kid Timmy at present just because it's a great generic name (sorry all the Tims out apologies). There really isn't much to report right now, so please keep us and Baby Adams in your prayers. Thanks!

We aren't sure if the thing sticking off him is a foot or his tail, but he definitely looks like me, doesn't he? I mean, the round, bald head is a chip off the old block. And that floating thing, I'm pretty sure, is a donut (Krispy Kreme I'm sure...nothing but the best for my kid).


kharv said...

Yeah for Baby Adams!! We are so excited for you and love getting all the updates. Love you!

The Vehons said...

Ok, Timmy is a generic name? Oh to think like Reed! ;)

We're so excited for you guys and have been praying for the little bean. I hope Aud continues to feel well! No better sound in the world than that of your growing baby! Miss you!

Our growing family said...

OH!!!! CONGRATS!! I'm so excited for you guys!! Can't wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl!!!!

Sasha said...

congratulations to you both! such special news :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry Audrey about the nausea- hope its less than more. But awesome awesome, that Little baby Adams is doing just fine!
Ooh, I have been waiting for this for ever it feels like-- I am so happy you are prego!!!!