Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Audrey's grandparents are in town for the 4th, so we went down the road where there was a pretty nice parade going on. There were no huge floats (it was for our smaller area and not all of Columbus) but it was still tons of fun. There were enough things in it to take almost an hour and a half. We took a good deal of pictures for you to check out!

Here's just before the start of the parade:

A few fun floats:

The rocket on this one stood up and shot smoke and confetti...but they didn't do it close to us:(

There were some fun characters:

This is the mascot for our hockey team - the Blue Jackets (though he isn't blue...hmmm)

Tie-Dye Bat Girl was SCARY!

This is, by far, the happiest this guy looked the entire time we saw him (and yes, he was in the parade)

This guy rolled like this a long, long ways (it was quite neat)

This "character" excited Audrey more than any others...

Audrey and Ilene got Otter Pops:

When I saw these firefighters on the back of their truck, I suddenly got nervous my family's safety. No more playing with matches and lighter fluid for us!

One last look at my super-hot wife;)

Hope you had a great 4th as well!!!!

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