Friday, August 21, 2009

It's a girl!

Well, I know you have probably gotten a phone call from us, or seen us talking about it on Facebook, but Audrey and I are having a girl! We went to the doctor yesterday with my mom and Emily and all gathered around. The ultrasound lady took some photos for the doctor (and she said she thought everything looked perfect) and then - with some prodding - told us we were having a girl!! All four of us there had gotten fairly strong signals it was a boy, so we were really surprised, but very happy! She is very healthy, and VERY active!!

We decided to name her Anna Elizabeth Adams. For all of oour children we wanted 1) first names that started with "a" 2) first names with a good meaning and 3) good biblical middle names to show them how valuable our Lord is to us. We picked this name several months ago (and a boy one, too, just in case) in about 20 minutes. Anna, of course, starts with an "a" so that fits. It has a good meaning on its own, but Audrey has a friend who has really meant a lot to her and she wanted a daughter with that name. So, Anna gets the special meaning in her name from a special person. Lastly, Elizabeth is a good Bible name that went well with Anna. So, that is how we named her. I think it is very good to have at least one or two qualifications when naming your children. It helps narrow down names and helps you think about what's important to you.

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber. On with the pics!!

Here's a HUGE smile!!

Spine shot!

Bottom of a foot!

Well, that's all for today! See ya!


Our growing family said...

OH!!! CONGRATS! Love the name too!
So, your probably not going to call her little timmy anymore, huh? Tim was really honored by that...j/k! =)
So excited for you guys!!!
love to you,

Our growing family said...

Also, is is "Ann-a" or "Awe-na"?

Reed and Audrey Adams said... in apple, not as in on.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh sooo sweet!! That is cool to know more about the name choice too! So excited you are having a girl!!

kharv said...

So great to see the pictures. So reassuring that things are going to well and Anna is healthy and squirmy. We can't wait to hold her in our arms. Wonderful!