Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Work Has Begun!

This last weekend, Reed started working on Anna's room. We bought the paint and Reed started taking off all of the trim work. He plans to redo all of the trim and paint it white. He also hopes to have the room all painted by the time I get back from my trip to the Northwest. He has a long way to go, but there's no doubt in my mind he'll get it done.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day Trip To Lake Erie

On Friday, Reed and I journeyed up north to Lake Erie. It was the first time we had been up there, even though we've been in Ohio for over a year. Friday was such a good day because we missed the Labor Day crowd. There wasn't one cloud in the sky up by the lake and the weather was perfect. Very warm and not windy! Lake Erie reminded me a lot of the Puget Sound, in that it was so massive and beautiful! There is something about the water that just makes me stand in awe and I can't help but think of our creator when I look at it! We have such an incredible God!
While we were there we visited a couple light houses and a couple of the small towns along the water.The day was filled with lots of driving (and getting lost), but we had so much fun just hanging out together. We also discovered a new fave pizza joint! Cameo's Pizza. Yummy!
It was such a great day! We enjoyed every minute of it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby Zone!

We have definitely been in the baby zone these last few weeks. Ever since we found out that we were having a girl, we have been moving full speed ahead! Reed and I were able to hit the stores and started to pick out things for Anna's room, along with all of the other necessities. While Emily was here, she was a able to help us too and give me some advice about what is needed and what is just a waste of money.
This Saturday is my last day at Macy's, which I am really excited about! It will be so nice to have weekends back with Reed. I have missed them so much! We only have a few short months left with just the two of us, before Anna is here. I will probably continue to substitute teach for as long as I can, in the coming weeks. There isn't a huge need yet for subs, since school just started last week, but I am guessing things will start to pick up by the end of the month.
Another project completed is our guest bedroom. My parents generously gave us some money to purchase a bed for the room, and the bed was delivered today! Now we'll have a place for people to sleep as they come to visit baby Anna.
I think we finally have the colors for Anna's room picked out, so we (and when I say that, I mean Reed) can start to paint. Little by little, we'll get it all done.
My first MOPS meeting was tonight at church. It is so nice to be able to connect with people who are talking the same language as us. I was amazed at how many women were there that I don't even know yet. I am excited to make some new connections and friends this year!
Anna seems to be doing great and getting bigger and stronger! Reed has finally been able to feel her kicking! I am starting to notice some routine in her awake times and feel her more and more. It is always reassuring to feel her move!
As I get bigger, I have had many more people ask me when I am due, and ask questions about little Anna. I love bragging about her already and about her wonderful daddy, that has been such a blessing and support to me! Watching Reed get excited about Anna has probably been the best part of this whole process. He's going to be a great dad!
21 wks, 6 days!