Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day Trip To Lake Erie

On Friday, Reed and I journeyed up north to Lake Erie. It was the first time we had been up there, even though we've been in Ohio for over a year. Friday was such a good day because we missed the Labor Day crowd. There wasn't one cloud in the sky up by the lake and the weather was perfect. Very warm and not windy! Lake Erie reminded me a lot of the Puget Sound, in that it was so massive and beautiful! There is something about the water that just makes me stand in awe and I can't help but think of our creator when I look at it! We have such an incredible God!
While we were there we visited a couple light houses and a couple of the small towns along the water.The day was filled with lots of driving (and getting lost), but we had so much fun just hanging out together. We also discovered a new fave pizza joint! Cameo's Pizza. Yummy!
It was such a great day! We enjoyed every minute of it!


Sasha said...

looks like a wonderful adventure - I love people who do such fun things and take photos to share! It does look beautiful and I love the lighthouses ... and of course, I love little pizza places, so that's cool too!

Emily said...

Looks like fun!

grandmapoochie said...

Loved this blog...You two are SO great (and you serve a great God)
Loved the pics. Especially the CRANE. They are some of my "favorite" creatures. Maybe I could get one of those pics??

kharv said...

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful day. So glad that you know how to really enjoy each other's company and to delight in each other's companionship. Looks like so much fun!
Great light houses, too:)