Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3 weeks to go!

The last few weeks have really seemed to fly by. It is hard to believe that Christmas is just next week! This year will be the only and probably last, for many years to come, Christmas where we wake up by ourselves on Christmas. It's a very bitter-sweet thing. I have begun to cherish the moments we have by ourselves, knowing that we don't have many of those days left. It also helps in knowing that we have a lot of family who will be joining us in the few weeks that follow for celebrating!
On Sunday, the ministers' wives threw me a baby shower. It was wonderful and I felt so loved and blessed! We received a ton of stuff for little Anna! Now to get it all organized and ready! I am spending much of the day washing her new little clothes. I love looking at her stuff. Sometimes I just go into her room and sit in the rocker for a while, or open up her wardrobe and look at all the little outfits and try to picture her in them.
We are now 37 weeks along and I am feeling more uncomfortable than ever, especially at the end of the day. But I am also counting it a blessing to have had such a healthy pregnancy. Although I have had my bad days and a few trips to the hospital, it really has flown by so fast and been wonderful!
Here are some pictures from Monday. I am now down to wearing quite a bit of Reed's clothes (which are also tight).

And to put it in perspective, here are a few of my pictures over the last nine months!

The day we found out- Almost 5 weeks.

About 10 weeks

About 14 weeks

About 18 weeks

About 23 weeks

About 27 weeks

About 31 weeks

About 34 weeks

About 36 weeks

As you can see, there has been quite a change in my appearance. Although I have really enjoyed being pregnant, I will be very happy to have my body back!

At about 36 weeks, we had some pregnancy photos done by Kama. Kama is a daughter of one of the ladies that volunteers in children's ministry at the church. We had a great day going out and taking lots of photos. We went to a near by park and also took some photos at our house. Kama did a great job. She has posted a few on her website, if you want to take a look. There are also more to come, as she gets them completed. We'll keep you posted. Her website is:


Anonymous said...

I think your belly is super cute! You still look amazingly good! Just carrying a basketball on your tummy ;) ok- I won't call little Anna a basketball, but for some weird reason I think your dad would like it? jk!
Had a few problems is putting it very lightly what you have had to deal with- but hopefully labor won't seem to rough now. I love looking through all the old pics too, thanks for putting them up.I so loved getting home and washing all the new stuff from the shower(s) and putting them away, so I get that!!
Love ya

Our growing family said...

YEA! You are almost done!!!!!!
You do look amazing! Especially for your first!
Hope these next few weeks go quickly!
Abbi was born on Jan. is a good day to have a baby! =)

kharv said...

So thankful! You look adorable, even more than usual : )
The holidays really make the time fly, and Anna will be here soon! Yeah! We are so excited to be coming out. I am so thankful that you have had the time to enjoy these days, your shower, your time with Reed, and all the preparation. What a blessing you all are.