Friday, December 25, 2009


Well, today is Christmas! Audrey and I slept in until 10:00AM in honor of our last non-child Christmas. After a delicious breakfast of omelets and potato patties (like tator tots, but different shape) we sat down to open our presents!

Last night after the Christmas Eve service, we opened Anna's gifts from Uncle Brett and Aunt Kara (she couldn't wait until know kids;)). The pink sweater is from Kara, and the brown and blue outfit from Brett. Thanks, you two!!

Audrey began the unwrapping today by opening her Santa gift...she was very excited!

VERY excited! She had wanted this "beautiful" coat from Old Navy, and got it! That Santa, he always knows what to get people. She'll even be able to button it someday!

I then opened my Santa gift, and found some new basketball shorts - with Spurs logo! I had wanted exactly these shorts!

They make me look pretty tough, eh? I imagine I'll be able to slam dunk now.

Our next gifts were both from Ken and Chris, and were a travel baking pan and a Spurs blanket (it's super soft and warm).

The next two presents were gift cards! Audrey got Old Navy from her parents, and I got a great Lowe's card from Katie (that she did an EXCELLENT job of wrapping). Thanks, Katie!

Audrey then opened another Old Navy gift card from Brett! She's excited to go shopping after Anna's born! Thanks, Brett!

I then opened a shower cap from Ken and Chris which was going to be perfect at protecting my hair...but then I was even MORE excited to find cash inside the little box! YEAH!

Audrey got THREE gifts from Travis...and we're pretty much certain he picked them out and wrapped them himself. First was a lovely necklace and earrings that Audrey can't wait to wear!

After that was a soft pair of slippers...although at first Audrey thought they were gloves (I helped her figure it out).

The coolest of all, though, was a COLOR-CHANGING HAT!!

Ok, it was actually just two hats that were the same except for color, but they were very nice! Thanks, Travis!!

The last gift of the day was a neat basketball from Ben (a little over his set budget, I think). It is a really nice one, and I can't wait to use it! Thanks, Ben! Come on out and play some basketball with me! An extra benefit is that I could use it to look like a pregnant Audrey (and the "I'm ready to have this baby" face). Ok, just kidding - don't get offended, people! She's much cuter, I know!

Well, that was Christmas! We didn't get each other gifts this year, and my parents gave us a trip to visit the Smoky Mountains with them a couple months ago, so it was the Harvey Christmas! Yeah! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!


kharv said...

We laughed and laughed. Good job Reed. Kara at first thought that Audrey really did get a color changing hat. That REALLY made us laugh!!
Very nice post! Thanks so much. We love you very much and miss you! Skype soon!

Phil said...

A Great Christmas! Thanks for sharing.