Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun Times

Hey all!
Well, we have had a fun last few days. Aud started feeling poorly again on Wednesday, and after it got much worse (even worse than a couple weeks ago when she was hurting) we went in to the hospital. After they ran some tests they found out she had a kidney stone ( We spent Wed. and Thurs. nights at the hospital, and got home this morning. It hasn't come out of her yet, but she's feeling MUCH better (we think it may have passed into her bladder). Because of everything that went down, we think she had a smaller one when she was hurting a few weeks ago (but they didn't catch it because it had already moved on or something).

Anyway, prayers are much appreciated as she recovers and tries to not get anymore kidney stones. The good news is that, for now, Anna is head down!! YEAH!


Our growing family said...

So sorry to hear that it happened again-poor Audrey!!
PRAISE THE LORD! I can't believe she is head down...I thought she probably wouldn't the way that your mom was describing how she was feet first!
Not too much longer!

kharv said...

So glad that Anna listened to her Mama and Daddy. And glad that you mop you floors on your hands and knees! Way to go!
And so happy that you are feeling better.