Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting Older Everyday!

This last week, I have felt like Anna is growing in leaps and bounds. I love her little personality she is developing. She is sleeping much better at night now, as well, which gives her more awake time in the day time. I also think her hair is turning more and more red. We'll see if she develops a "red head" personality.

Everyday we have tried to have some tummy time.

She loves spending time with her daddy! I love watching them together!


kharv said...

Her hair really does look more red! Wow!
I love the picture of her looking at Reed. So precious. Looks like her tummy time has really made her strong.
Thanks for the pictures.

Our growing family said...

so sweet! Abbi's hair had a hit of red in it when she was born, but it turned to a beautiful golden. Now is is more of a dirty blond, but it still has golden highlights...beautiuful!
hope you are well!

Phil said...

Don't need to tell me about 'red hair personality', I have two sisters with red hair!

kharv said...

Hi this is katie,Anna is so cute please come to oregon soon ok.(I just redid my blog so you should come check it out.)Love you lots.