Friday, January 22, 2010

Grandma Adams Is Here!

Grandma Adams came today! Anna loves to have her grandmas around! Mommy and daddy are excited to have her here too! We went to Red Robin tonight for dinner and then came home and grandma gave Anna a bath.

Last night Anna slept better than she has since last Saturday. We were very grateful for a little more sleep and less screaming!

She did scream a little in the morning though when we tried to take her picture. She wasn't too happy. This outfit was cousin Claire's outfit.
Daddy gave her a pep talk, and she stopped screaming, but refused to stay awake for the photos.


kharv said...

She is so adorable, even screaming. She has such personality! Glad that Cindy gets to spend some time lovin' on her.

Brandy said...

Yay for grandmas! That picture of Reed and the baby is cute!

Emily said...

screaming pictures are awesome!

Anonymous said...

that is just sweet! all of those pics-- happy for the good sleep you got too!

The Vehons said...

I love her cry face! How cute can she get?!