Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last few days

Every night daddy has been reading from the Bible to Anna. Anna loves spending time with her dad. We wish he was home all day long!

We have been giving Anna a bath in the evenings. She hasn't really liked them so far. She is usually pretty content when it is over.

Anna wore this outfit to go visit daddy at work while I had Bible study.

This is how she is in the morning after a long night of screaming and staying up. It's a good thing she is so cute!


kharv said...

Very cute pictures! I love the one of her looking at the Bible with Daddy. Very cute!!

Emily said...

Great pictures! She is so cute! Miss her! oh and you guys too :)

Brandy said...

Yes, I love the one of her looking at the Bible as well. :) She is quite cute!

Sasha said...

so cute! I love that one where she's focused on the book! she's adorable!