Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anna wore an outfit from her cousin Claire today. Everyone at church loved her red dress! When we came home to take pictures Anna was exhausted an slept the whole time.
She started to get a little cranky! We were interrupting her nap.
Mommy gave her a good talk.
And since that didn't work, she fed her and then they took a nap.


Our growing family said...

you all look amazing! you will always cherish family pics!!!

kharv said...

Such a cute little Valentine! Adorable. I love the picture of her on you when you are sleeping. Very cute. Wonderful pictures!

Sasha said...

oh so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Audrey that is just so sweet! I love the adorable dress she is in :)

CindyAdams said...

beautiful!! sweetest Valentine ever!! love the picture of Momma sleeping and Anna awake!!

Brandy said...

Oh I LOVE the last picture! That is too sweet.