Monday, March 1, 2010


Ok, I wanted to put up a couple clips of Anna for you all to see! She is always super cute and sweet, but on Sunday she was just adorable and loving life even more than usual! Check out these short clips:


This one is for 4 special people.


CindyAdams said...

Yup... I definitely heard her say, "Hi, Grandma & Grandpa"!! The videos are great - she is just getting cuter & more fun everyday!! Love you all!

Brandy said...

Love the videos! She's starting to look like Reed at least in the videos. I see you in some of the pictures though. Have fun in Oregon!

kharv said...

I heard it too. She is so darling! I love how she wrinkles her nose when she smiles. So looking forward to seeing her in person and absolutely love the previews!

Trishamoongirl said...

That is soo sooo cute! I can't wait to (hopefully) get the chance to see her real quick while you are here!!! Love that you are a mommy!!! :)