Friday, June 4, 2010


We had a really fun time this past weekend! Annas Great-grandpa and Great-grandma Adams (Grandpa Adams’ mother and father) came and visited Anna for the first time! Also, Grandpa Adams’ sister, Great Aunt Sandy came, too!! Anna loved meeting them, and we got to spend Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday with them!

I had Monday of because of Memorial Day, so Great-grandpa and Great-grandma Miller (GrandMA Adams’ parents) came to visit! They got in about 10:30 in the morning, and stayed until the next morning. Anna loved seeing them, and had such a good time.

After meeting so many important members of her family, Anna still decided to stick around:). She has now been blessed to meet all six of her Great-grandparents, and she loves them all so much!! This weekend her Grandpa and Grandma Adams are coming to she is super-excited about that!!

Here are two more of Anna after Daddy picked out her clothes by himself for the first time ever (Mommy has made the closet super-scarily-organized so he has been a little hesitant to before. Took about 20 minutes to figure out the dewey-decimal system she has in place), and the other is her Sunday afternoon nap.

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kharv said...

So happy for Anna and everyone getting to spend some time together! Wonderful. Nice pictures, she will treasure them.