Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Pool

We got Anna a little swimming pool the other day. She had lots of fun playing in it on Fathers Day!

At first the water was a little too cold, so Daddy had to get some hot water from the kitchen to make it more like her bath water.
The pool has a big hippo on it, so we let her play with her toy hippo (Quacker) in the water.
We didn’t know what to do at first, but then really enjoyed it! Especially playing with the side of the pool. It was a slippery texture, which was fun!


kharv said...

So much fun! It won't take her long to figure out what you do in a pool. You splash Mom and Dad!

CindyAdams said...

So cute!!! I love her swimsuit and hat. I agree with Chris... she'll be splashing Mom & Dad before you know it!

Emily said...

SWEET! Where did you find that! I've wanted to get Claire something for our front yard or the patio but couldn't find anything that would fit in the car.