Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

This summer has just flown by! Some of the major highlights from July were:
  • Successful VBS
  • Trip to Lafayette for Anna to meet Great Grandma and Grandpa Miller (and Great Uncle Randy, Great Cousins Amos and Dana and second cousin Reese)
  • North American Christian Convention in Indiana
  • Visit from Great Grandma and Grandpa Sanders
  • Reed at 5th and 6th grade camp
  • Harvey-Smith Winema Family Vacation
  • Reed at 3rd and 4th grade camp
  • MOPS steering retreat at Buckeye Lake
Although it was so much fun to be on the road, we are glad to be back home settling into a routine. (At least till next week when we go to Tennessee to visit Reed's parents.)

In just a few short weeks things will begin to get very busy again. Fall is fast approaching. I am looking forward to all of our new adventures, though.

Reed is going back to school to complete a MA in Organizational Leadership. I think I am more excited about it, than him.

I have also joined our MOPS steering team this year and am in charge of the Moppets (kids) programming that takes place during our meetings. That will keep me busy. It also includes organizing play dates, which is always fun.

Reed is starting a new evening kids program this fall for elementary kids that will run for a couple of months. It will mainly be for those kids that want to grow deeper in their knowledge and faith. Darin is helping to steer it, which will be big help, but will still keep us busy.

I am teaching a new Sunday school class for adults this fall, which will be interesting, considering that Anna is not a huge fan of the nursery. I am excited about teaching it though. It has been a long time since I have done anything outside of children's ministry.

And of course, we'll have all of our fun trips including a trip to Arizona in October, Thanksgiving trip in Tennessee and Christmas vacation in Oregon.

It is going to be a busy fall, but a good one.