Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!
         Well, 2011 has been quite a year for the Adams family!  We have been blessed with some incredible moments these past twelve months.  We (Audrey and I) celebrated our 4th anniversary of marriage, and constantly marvel at what God has done in our lives in such a short time.

            On April 25th we welcomed the fourth member of our family into the world.  Lincoln Aaron was 7lb 12oz and 19.8 inches long.  He is a very smiley, happy boy!  He is also a big boy who is in the 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight.  As of December twelfth he started crawling and has taken off! 
            Anna turned one on January 6th.  She is very sweet and incredibly smart!  She has been able to count to fifteen and speak in short sentences for several months and knows several songs that she sings all the time.  Her verbal skills are incredibly advanced (must be good genes)!

            Audrey stays very busy with the two children and is always running around.  She has been involved in a women’s Bible study on Thursday mornings and became the co-coordinator for our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) program for the year.  She is also very involved in children’s’ ministry and singing in the church choir.

            I am still working for Beechwold Christian Church and have had a very blessed year here.  The Children’s Ministry Trunk-or-Treat program in October was especially incredible this year.  I have also continued seeking my master’s degree and am still on pace to graduate in May 2012.  Just two more classes to go!

            In March we went to Indiana for a family reunion on my mother’s side.  In August my father’s side of the family had a reunion.  Both were a great chance for family to get together!  Too bad we cannot spend times like that more often.
In July we had our annual Smith/Harvey vacation on the Oregon coast.  It was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the event! 
Early in September, we drove to Charlotte to visit Audrey’s sister, her husband and their daughter.  It was a nice visit, and nice to have them living a little closer than before. 
In late September we had a nice staycation where we went to the zoo, COSI (a children’s science center) and took some nice family pictures.  We splurged on zoo passes this year, so there have been several trips there the last several months.
            We traveled to the Harvey house for Thanksgiving and spent a nice week visiting and showing off the kids.  The Rockey family drove up from Charlotte in early December to spend a weekend and relax. 
            Christmas this year will be spent at my parents’ house with my sister and her family.  It will be the first time we will get to attend my parents’ church in Tennessee.
            This is a small sample of our year.  I hope your year was as blessed and that 2012 is even better!

                                                     Reed and the rest of the Adams family

Saturday, June 11, 2011

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